Old Fashioned Hymn Sings and Concerts

On the first Sunday of every month, beginning in May and continuing through December, an old fashioned community Hymn Sing is held inside The Old Rugged Cross Church at 6:00 p.m. Doors open at 5 p.m. for anyone interested in a tour.

On the third Sunday of each month, beginning in May and continuing through November, a concert is held at 3:00 pm, with a Hymn Sing at 6:00 p.m. Concerts are given by talented musicians who are willing to share their time and talent to help raise funds for the on-going maintenance of The Old Rugged Cross Church.

The remaining dates are:
Aug46 pmHymn Sing
183 pmConcert - The Redeemed Quartet
6 pmHymn Sing
Sept16 pmHymn Sing
153 pmConcert - The Prairie Dogs
6 pmHymn Sing
205 - 8Paddle/Silent Auction at St. John's UCC in Niles
Oct66 pmHymn Sing
109 - 5(*) Rummage Sale
119 - 5(*) Rummage Sale
129 - 5(*) Rummage Sale
203 pmConcert - The Hillsiders
6 pmHymn Sing
Nov36 pmHymn Sing
173 pmConcert - Pastor Jeff Whittaker
6 pmHymn Sing
Nov306 pmChristmas Hymn Sing
Dec13 pmChristmas Hymn Sing
6 pmChristmas Hymn Sing

An additional date for Hacienda Gives Back will be announced at a later date.

Tours of the church and museum are given by appointment.
To schedule a tour for one or a group, contact Molly Shaffer by calling 269-362-4347 or via email at

There is no charge for tours but donations are always welcome and keep the church operating.

Thank you for your support of this project. Although the restoration is now complete, the maintenance costs are on-going and extensive. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.

If making a donation by check, please make check payable to: Old Rugged Cross Foundation (ORCF) and mail to P. O. Box 41, Niles, MI 49120.