Since 1998, when The Old Rugged Cross Foundation, Inc. took possession of the old church, the building has gone from a dilapidated old barn on the verge of collapse to a sturdy, proud, upright church on a firm foundation.

Although the restoration is still far from complete, steady progress continues to be made each year. In 2013, the building's three existing roofs, two layers of metal roofs and the original 1862 cedar shingle roof, were removed, repairs were made to the rafters, rotten sheathing boards were replaced, and a new cedar shingle roof was installed. The $55,600 project took all of the ORCF's resources and then some.

With permission of our window donors, we borrowed from the window fund to complete the roof. We spent most of 2014 working to replace those funds, and are now raising the funds to complete the last two major phases of the restoration.

Scheduled For 2015 or 2016 (as funding allows):
  • Fieldstone will be attached to the exterior of the new foundation, reminiscent of the original fieldstone and brick foundation fašade.
  • The last large museum window and one or two transom windows over the doorways will be installed.
  • The metal roof that was removed from the church will be applied to the newly acquired annex.
Remaining restoration phases:
  • The largest phase remaining to be tackled is the upper level and stairway. The upper level has no interior walls or ceiling, and the north and south walls are still connected by five cables. The floor is rotten and must be replaced, and much of the plaster is missing from the stairway walls. Insulation will also be installed in the walls and over the ceiling.
  • The two smaller museum windows remain to be adopted/purchased.
  • Brick walkways need to be extended to connect to the ORC Memorial Garden walkways.
  • Additional artifacts being donated to the museum have created the necessity of additional display cabinets and other means of displaying the exhibits.

Maintenance of the building and grounds have created the need for an endowment fund to insure that future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits of this significant piece of our Christian heritage.

Additionally, the ORCF has acquired a nearby building, which is currently being used for storage, with the property being used for additional parking. Eventually, the building might be useable as a rental property to help raise funds for the endowment fund for the ORC Church and Museum. The building needs ventilation, and will inherit the steel roof that was removed from the ORC Church.